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Tesla St. Vrain

In the year 1899, women are expected to behave, but Tesla St. Vrain is no ordinary young woman. Hiding her psychic powers from the world, she wants nothing more than to lead an everyday Victorian life. But after a simple witchcraft ritual goes awry, she is bestowed with the magical power of quintessence and forced down a path of darkness.

Determined to use her newfound powers to protect the Earth from the sleeping horrors and terrors long forgotten by humanity, she joins a secret organization, the Ministry of Psychical Defense, taking up an ancient quest to secure the evil sources of darkness, the Spheres of Nether. But can she come to terms with her powers and complete her training before the Spheres fall into the wrong hands?

New Art For book 2 of the Aetherstorm Chronicles

The bridge of the airship Divinity. Appearing near the end of book 1, the airship takes front and center at the beginning of book 2.

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Reviews for my book "Tesla St. Vrain, the Power Within"

Thanks to all who leave reviews. They really do help authors out.

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The hidden symbolism and concepts in the Aetherstorm Chronicles, Erebus

One of the hidden, underlying themes in Book 1 of the Aetherstorm chronicles is addiction. It may be an addiction to power or to a substance but the…

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The hidden symbolism and concepts in the Aetherstorm Chronicles, the Ghostwalker

The concept of the "ghost-walker" is one of the first concepts for my main character that was developed. The actual term comes from my days of being…

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The Secrets of the Airship Divinity

As a writer creating a steampunk universe, how do you make an airship that is something extraordinary?  My concept was to make it originate from …

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The hidden symbolism and concepts in the Aetherstorm Chronicles: Quintessence

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for symbolism and foreshadowing.  Perhaps it is my love of mysteries that fuels these ideas but they are a large but hidden…

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My map of Sanctuary Seven

Here it is, my personal map of Sanctuary Seven, the secret underground base of the Ministry of Psychical Defense. Hidden in a vast cavern below …

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Tesla St. Vrain: The Power Within (The Aetherstorm Chronicles) is now available!

My latest book Tesla St. Vrain: The Power Within (The Aetherstorm Chronicles) is finally finished. I spent the entire year of 2019 working on this …

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Cover reveal for my next book!

The time has finally arrived. Here is the cover for my next book. The release date is set for Valentines Day!

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Henry Sidgwick, Character Card

Next up is Henry Sidgwick. "Seated at the far side of the table was Henry Sidgwick. He might have been a handsome man at one time, but his otherwise…

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Dante Laveau, Character Card

The next character card is Dante Laveau, the last and hidden son of Marie Laveau and the Voodoo King of New Orleans. I wanted to add something …

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Luther Von Voss, Character Card

Here is my next . Will Little created the character of Luther Von Voss, playing him in a Ravenloft campaign called the Masque of the Red Death. …

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Huilliam Shylocke, Character Card

Next up is a character that was initially created in a Ravenloft campaign called the Masque of the Red Death and played for 14 years before I was …

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Tesla St. Vrain, First Character Card

So here is the first character card. This is my main character, Tesla St. Vrain. When I started this project, I wanted my MC to have a unique name …

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The Aetherstorm is coming!

The Aetherstorm is coming! I have spent all of 2019 writing my first fiction novel. It is a unique mixture of steampunk, horror and paranormal. I …

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