Tesla St. Vrain: The Power Within (The Aetherstorm Chronicles) is now available!

My latest book Tesla St. Vrain: The Power Within (The Aetherstorm Chronicles) is finally finished. I spent the entire year of 2019 working on this project and I’m really excited that it has been printed.

Back Cover text:

“In the year 1899, women are expected to behave, but Tesla St. Vrain is no ordinary young woman. Hiding her psychic powers from the world, she wants nothing more than to lead an everyday Victorian life. But after a simple witchcraft ritual goes awry, she is bestowed with the magical power of quintessence and forced down a path of darkness.
Determined to use her newfound powers to protect the Earth from the sleeping horrors and terrors long forgotten by humanity, she joins a secret organization, the Ministry of Psychical Defense, taking up an ancient quest to secure the evil sources of darkness, the Spheres of Nether. But can she come to terms with her powers and complete her
training before the Spheres fall into the wrong hands?”

You can find it on the links below.


Google Books


It will soon be available on iTunes and Nook.




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