Hear a chapter of the audiobook, Tesla St. Vrain: The Power Within for free!

For the holiday season, I am giving you an entire chapter of my audiobook, Tesla St. Vrain, The Power Within for free.

I had a blast writing Chapter 18; it’s definitely one of my favorites in the book (werewolves, anyone?). However, if you’re not familiar with the plot, there are some things you should know about Tesla in this chapter. She is a ghostwalker, which means she can travel between the realm of the living and the dead. She refers to this as “going ghost,” and we see her utilize this ability in this chapter. It was important for me to explain this aspect of her character before you listen. I hope you enjoy it.

If you’re intrigued by the story, you can buy the full audiobook on Amazon and Audible (link provided below).

Tesla St. Vrain: The Power Within: The Aetherstorm Chronicles



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