Scrutinizing the Relationship between Subjective Anomalous Experiences and Psychotic Symptoms

Human brain activity with plexus lines.. External cerebral conne

Another great paper that is quite interesting. Abstract: This research was exploratory, and its main objective was to analyze whether anomalous experiences related to parapsychology had statistical behavior similar to psychoticlike experiences (e.g., hallucinations). If psi phenomena have a different ontology from psychotic-like experiences, then they should have a different statistical representation and measurement. In this … Read moreScrutinizing the Relationship between Subjective Anomalous Experiences and Psychotic Symptoms

Historical Photographs of Old Town Albuquerque


The focal point of community life since it was founded in 1706 by Governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdez. Centered around the plaza, Albuquerque’s Old Town encompasses about ten blocks of historic adobe buildings. On the north side of the plaza is the San Felipe de Neri Church, the oldest building in the city, which was … Read moreHistorical Photographs of Old Town Albuquerque

Seeking the supernatural: the Interactive Religious Experience Model


Although this paper applies to religious experiences, it can also be applied in a context to paranormal experiences. There is some very interesting stuff in here. The following is from the Abstract of the paper. We develop a new model of how human agency-detection capacities and other socio-cognitive biases are involved in forming religious beliefs. … Read moreSeeking the supernatural: the Interactive Religious Experience Model

The Old West in Steampunk


Another setting is “Western” steampunk, which overlaps with both the Weird West and Science fiction Western subgenres. One of the earliest steampunk books set in America was The Steam Man of the Prairies by Edward S. Ellis. Recent examples include the TV show and the movie adaption Wild Wild West, the Italian comics about Magico Vento. I couldn’t resist taking Tesla to the Wild West o … Read moreThe Old West in Steampunk

La Sayona


Today’s art piece is my rendition of La Sayona, a rather ominous figure that resembles La Llorona but she goes after unfaithful men instead of children. La Sayona is a legend from Venezuela, represented by the vengeful spirit of a woman that shows up only to men that have love affairs out of their marriages. … Read moreLa Sayona

The mystery of Victoriana Armijo


A rather sociable ghost has also been reported throughout various locations in the La Placita Restaurant. Many believe that it is Ambrosia’s daughter Victoriana. Victoriana was born in 1849 and died the 6th of October 1867 at the tender age of 18. She was married to Jose Ynez Perea and it is speculated that she … Read moreThe mystery of Victoriana Armijo

Birdcage Theater (Historic photographs)


The Bird Cage Theatre opened on December 26, 1881. It was owned by Lottie and William “Billy” Hutchinson. Hutchison, a variety performer, originally intended to present respectable family shows like he’d seen in San Francisco that were thronged by large crowds. After the Theatre opened, they hosted a Ladies Night for the respectable women of … Read moreBirdcage Theater (Historic photographs)