NIGHTFALL, a Western Horror Story

In 1881, a malevolent force descended upon the mining town of Nightfall, overtaking its citizens with an eerie brainwashing and avaricious supernatural creatures. As the people vanished without a trace, Agent Jack Durham was summoned to investigate what sinister force had cast its shadow over this once-peaceful town in the Superstition Mountains. NIGHTFALL, a Western … Read moreNIGHTFALL, a Western Horror Story

Beyond the Moonlight of Doom

Terror lurks on the horizon! A brave heroine of unknown lineage? A bizarre crew of eldritch misfits in a flying ship? Strange steampunk contraptions everywhere? Not to mention mysterious villains, eerie conspiracies, eerie creatures, and ancient secrets, all in the depths of a Victorian era that never came to pass. Set forth into the dread … Read moreBeyond the Moonlight of Doom