Beyond the Moonlight of Doom

Terror lurks on the horizon! A brave heroine of unknown lineage? A bizarre crew of eldritch misfits in a flying ship? Strange steampunk contraptions everywhere? Not to mention mysterious villains, eerie conspiracies, eerie creatures, and ancient secrets, all in the depths of a Victorian era that never came to pass. Set forth into the dread unknown now!

Beyond the Moonlight of Doom

Kindle Vella is a Kindle platform designed specifically for serialized stories. Here, you can read books in bites or episodes. Since it’s targeted at mobile readers, a story is broken down into several chapters or episodes. I release these chapters over a specific period, generally bi-monthly and they average around 2,000 words. It is ideal for getting through a quick read while commuting on the bus or during an afternoon break.

The first three chapters are free so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you. If you find it engaging, you’d have to pay to access new episodes as they are released. To unlock more chapters or episodes, you need tokens.

Now one token can unlock 100 words – which means if you need to read a 2,000-word episode, you will need 20 tokens. The price of these tokens varies based on how many you purchase. The more you purchase, the lesser it’ll cost. For example, if you purchase 200 tokens at $1.99, you’re purchasing one token at $0.01. However, when you purchase 1700 tokens at $14.99, it means you’re purchasing one token at $0.0088 which is way cheaper. So I would recommend purchasing more tokens at once.

Another interesting feature is that it works like a social platform. So you can like stories and even ‘Fave’ them. Recently, there’s also been comments so you can leave comments for each episode. I also engage with mu audience, often using polls so that you can help decode what happens next in the story.

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