The Nosferatu, a spotlight on evil

A small preview from book two….

Von Voss looked back at Dante. “So, the matter concerns vampires. In what context is this to our objective?”
“Twenty years ago, a Voodoo priest known as Doctor Skin made a pact with the Nosferatu in New Orleans. In exchange for providing them a fresh food source and promises of power and greater respect, they agreed to assist him in overthrowing the city’s True-Bloods.
“A fresh food source?” Von Voss questioned out loud.
“The unfortunate slaves arriving in Louisiana. He proposed a new Code Noir that benefited the undead, allowing them to feast upon an ample supply of humans.”
“Bloody bloodsuckers,” Shylocke murmured under his breath.
“That is not all,” Dante continued. “The number of Nosferatu in the city began to rapidly increase. It appeared that they would attempt to seize control by their sheer numbers. The few remaining Voodoo cults could only bring the situation under control with the True-Bloods assistance. In the final assault, Doctor Skin was destroyed in an explosion aboard a steamboat while attempting to flee out of the region, or so it was thought. This morning we received this telegraph from Sanctuary Fifteen,” He motioned toward the piece of paper lying upon his desk. “It contains the details of Doctor Skin’s reappearance as reported by Jacques Saint Germain.”

“Why does that name sound so familiar?” Von Voss pondered. “I recall a Count Saint Germain from various historical texts, died in 1784 if I am correct.”

Dante smiled slightly. “They are the same person. He is the leader of one of the vampire houses of New Orleans. The name change was a formality used to deceive the human population about his prolonged lifespan.


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