Video promo for Book 3 of the Aetherstorm Chronicles

After two years of dark exile in the Land of the Rising Sun, Tesla St. Vrain is summoned by the Grand Master of the Sōhei to embark upon a dreaded quest; to locate and retrieve the most dangerous artifact known to man – The Dominion Stone. This Sphere of Nether has been sought by evil men for centuries, offering its holder the immense power to locate all the other Spheres and unlock unimaginable powers from the depths of the abyss.
But when the sinister Order of Altruists enlist the aid of the Yakuza and a powerful sorcerer to locate this cursed artifact first, Tesla embarks upon a dizzying race against time and unimaginable horrors. From vengeful spirits hidden in shadows, to ancient gods that have entered our world through forgotten portals, Tesla must traverse treacherous lands in search of the Dominion Stone before it falls into malevolent hands. Can she succeed in her mission or will the dark forces of the nether be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world?

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