Huilliam Shylocke, Character Card

Next up is a character that was initially created in a Ravenloft campaign called the Masque of the Red Death and played for 14 years before I was allowed to use him for this story. Huilliam Shylocke was created and played by Mason Evans. I found the idea of a terrorist evolving into a hero to be quite fun and fascinating.
“As the steam cleared, a man appeared in the entry. Wearing a bowler hat, he was dressed in a neatly pressed suit, the kind you only see on high priced lawyers. He appeared to be in his mid-forties. His hair was done very nicely, as he had some form of oil mixed into the black strands to give it a rough shape. His forehead was imposing, almost square, and was accentuated by a few wrinkles that revealed his age. However, his most striking feature was a bushy handlebar mustache that grew outwards to small points resembling a bicycle’s handlebars. He descended down the steps carrying a large carpet bag as he greeted Dante with a slight nod. To his friends, he was known as Huilliam Shylocke. To his enemies, he was known merely as “that bastard.(Chapter 8)

Huilliam Shylocke

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