The Secrets of the Airship Divinity

As a writer creating a steampunk universe, how do you make an airship that is something extraordinary?  My concept was to make it originate from antiquity, an ancient vessel that was able to travel in the space that exists in-between the various worlds of existence (known as the Aether in my book). I additionally linked its origin to Egyptian s, using their mythology to “flesh-out” its back-story.

From Chapter 12

“My concern for Tesla St. Vrain is more than a mere humanitarian interest. The Ministry was formed to address supernatural issues that are imposed on our world due to tears in the aether. We know that the tears are caused by the Aether storm, yet we know little of the phenomenon itself. The only way to understand the Aether storm is to study it, and that would require an ability to observe and measure it.

“Heka is the deity, the power that watches over one’s soul, gives it power, energy, and allows it to be elevated in death to the afterlife. Because of his protective powers, he was given a prominent place in the barque of the sun god as it traveled through the underworld at night. In other words, magick is what powers the barque.”

“What does the barque of the sun god have to do with any of this?” Dante asked with a curious look, his patience was running thin.

“We already possess the barque of the sun god. It is the aether airship called the Divinity. All it requires to operate is a magickal battery…a capacitor…an empowered quintessent. It is the only known vehicle capable of traveling into the aether. If I am correct, she will be of great value to the Ministry in these scientific endeavors. I trust that you understand my intentions now?”

“I do,” Dante replied as he smiled slightly. “Always three steps ahead of the game. Good luck, old man.”

As I am currently writing the second book in the series, the Airship Divinity takes on a more significant role. Although I cannot reveal the details at this time, rest assured that they are just as fantastic and mystical as you would expect.

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