Book 2 of the Aetherstorm Chronicles is released!

After escaping the dark tunnels of Egypt, Tesla found her new life as a Lieutenant of the Ministry anything but easy. All around her, supernatural threats were on the rise, as an ancient evil returns to threaten the existence of the Ministry of Psychical Defense and possibly humanity itself. Caught in a web of schemes, it will take more than magick and force for Tesla to learn the truth in time to stop the oncoming devastation.
In a series of terrifying adventures that take her from New Orleans to the frontier towns of New Mexico, she is pitted against vampires, restless ghosts, and Skinwalkers.
Every step is fraught with danger, but even more so from herself. If she slips up even once, there will be nothing left to stand in the way of the Apocalypse. This is a journey that will change the Ministry of Psychical Defense forever.

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