Book Two of the Ghostwalker Saga is now available.

Tesla St. Vrain was growing ever more frustrated and restless with the lack of supernatural cases to look into, yet Raven’s Hollow is unusually still. After trying in vain to contact the ghosts living in her grandfather’s hotel, Tesla reaches out to her friends in the Paraphenomenal Detective Agency and starts to search for new mysteries to explore.

It isn’t long before they discover that the Tommyknockers are emerging from their mines and thieving from locals, and Lady Elizabeth’s ghost is starting to act strangely. Has the notorious Doctor Ools reemerged? Is their town in danger from some unseen supernatural threat?

The Paraphenomenal Detective Agency is back in action and ready to take on whatever comes their way to get to the bottom of the mystery!

Available now on Amazon and Kindle

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