The St. James Hotel

Cimarron, New Mexico

   One of the most famous ghost stories in New Mexico is the ghost of Room 18 at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron. According to the story a man named T.J. Wright wins the hotel in a poker game and is shot after he leaves the poker room. He crawls back to his room and dies there.  His ghost now haunts the room and doesn't like it when people enter. Two other ghosts are rumored to haunt the old​ hotel, including Mary Lambert, the wife of the hotel's founder.


  The St. James started out as a saloon  first built in 1872  by Henri (later Henry) Lambert,  who was the personal chef to President Abraham Lincoln. Lambert moved west and settled in Elizabethtown, New Mexico, with hopes of making a wealthy strike. When he found little gold, he opened a restaurant and saloon. At this time, Elizabethtown, Cimarron, and much of the surrounding area was owned by Lucien B. Maxwell and was a part of the vast Maxwell Land Grant. Maxwell enticed Lambert to come to Cimarron, after that he founded the Lambert Inn (later to become the St. James).  
   Built during a time when law and order were non-existent, the saloon quickly gained a reputation as a place of violence, where it is said that 26 men were shot and killed within its adobe walls. 

Photos taken in 2004 at the St. James Hotel

Over the years I have been to the St. James Hotel at least two dozen times investigating the paranormal claims there. These are photos taken during …

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Why T.J. Wright (the ghost of room 18) cannot be haunting the St. James hotel.

First of all, and most importantly, T.J. Wright did not die at the St. James Hotel as the legends have suggested. While the 1880 census does show …

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Tour of the St. James Hotel in 2000 by a former owner

This is a rather old video that show a previous owner of the St, James Hotel giving a tour of the property.

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Room 18 at the St. James Hotel, Best EVP

Being one of the first people to go inside the infamous room 18 at the St. James hotel, I describe what the room was like and talk about the first …

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What the St. James Hotel looked like in 2000

Memoirs of a ghost hunter, episode 2. A video tour of the hotel before renovations.

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Gunfights and Deaths at the St. James Hotel

At one time gunfights in the saloon were so common the dining room ceiling was reinforced with two layers of wood to prevent guests upstairs from …

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1997, Albuquerque Journal article about the St. James Hotel. Hints at the older myth of T.J. Wright

In this article in the Albuquerque Journal, the hotel's owner, Perry Champion is telling the story of T.J. Wright's death but adds: "Wright had …

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The paranormal claims of the St. James Hotel in 2003

The St. James Hotel in Cimarron is considered to be one of the most haunted places in New Mexico. This documentary about the paranormal activity …

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Sangre De Cristo Chronicle , 1998 article

By 1998 the "haunting" at the hotel is well established. On October 29th, 1998 the Sangre De Cristo Chronicle runs a short piece that covers the …

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Witness Accounts of paranormal encounters at the St. James Hotel

Reported Phenomena in room 5 May 22, 1993 My girlfriend (Jenny) and I visited the St. James during a road trip to Colorado. We were staying in …

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Oldest newspaper article about the haunting at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM

The Albuquerque Journal, December 6, 1987 Since this appears to be the genesis, there are several important factors to understand from this …

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Mary Lambert's connection to Room 17, St. James Hotel

In 1887 Charles Fred "Cyclone" Lambert was born to Henri and Mary Lambert in Room #31, now Room 17 of the St. James Hotel. It was a blustery winter …

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Event replications, alternative explanations: St. James Hotel

A large part of the investigation process is to determine if the witnesses actually encountered something unusual but has a rational explanation. To…

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St. James Hotel, Clovis News Journal, 1991

This article is the first that identifies Dr. Kenneth Wright as the person Loree was with during the "attack". It also identifies him as being a …

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Inside Room 18

Photographs taken inside the locked door of room 18. The room is actually very small with only a small sink, nightstand, a chair, and a bed frame inside.

Historical Photographs

New Mexico's Most Haunted: EXPOSED

    M ore detailed information, including the final results of my investigations at the St. James Hotel can be found in my book. Included in this book are the drawings of Fred Lambert showing where each of the shootings at the hotel occurred. 

   The book also contains additional historic photographs as well as a detailed history of the building.