Oldest newspaper article about the haunting at the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM

The Albuquerque Journal, December 6, 1987

Since this appears to be the genesis, there are several important factors to understand from this article.

“Several psychics and other dabblers in the paranormal have visited the hotel to interact with the spirits. Last July, television crews filmed a séance led by a self proclaimed Albuquerque witch named Oz, but Taylor said the cameras and other distractions kept the session from being productive. Oz also spent time chanting in Room 18, said Loree, and came away believing the spirit inhabiting the room was a man named James Wright. The witch said Wright was killed when he tried to claim the hotel as winnings in a poker game.” “There is no earthly way Oz could have known or could have seen that name.”

“Mary” is not necessarily the ghost of Mary Lambert, just named after her for convenience. The ghost is room 18 is initially believed to be James Wright, which Loree claims to find in the guest register.


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