Shaffer Hotel, Mountainair, NM (Paranormal Claims)

Ghosts reported at the hotel include both Shaffer and his wife Lena, a cowboy that is said to have hung himself in the bathroom between current rooms 17 and 18, a “big fat lady all white with a big yellow and red face”, a woman who cooks in the restaurant kitchen, and a ghostly little girl, possibly the victim of a brutal rape and murder. Reported phenomenon include apparitions of the fat lady, the cowboy, and the cooking woman, footsteps walking right behind people, movement of window blinds, a woman’s “confrontational” voice coming from the lobby, and the sound of a little girl laughing. The location of the cowboy hanging story may be suspect since, before the remodel, there were only two bathrooms in the building, so the shared bathroom between rooms 17 and 18 was most likely constructed during the 2005 remodel when 11 bathrooms were added to the hotel.
The layout of the two floors of the hotel are shown below.



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