New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (Paranormal Claims)

The areas of the prison where the most unusual phenomena are reported are Cell Blocks 3, 4, the tool room and the laundry room.

Cell Block 3 was the maximum security ward which also contains the Solitary confinement cell. Activity reported here includes unexplainable noises, a burning flesh or “death” smell, doors that open and close by themselves, and lights that turn on and off without any apparent cause.

Cellblock 4 was the area where the “snitches” and other prisoners held in protective custody were contained. Upon entering the cell block, there are marks on the floor where rioters used power tools to decapitate the snitches and several other inmates. Also visible are the outlines of scorch marks where other inmates were burned to death with propane cutting torches. Another inmate was hung from the upper tier of the cell block with sheets that had been tied together. The activity reported here is similar to those reported in Cell Block 3. Twenty-three of the inmates that were murdered during the riot were killed in Cell Block 4.

The laundry was the site of several murders, although they occurred long before the riot of 1980. It is located in a labyrinth of corridors that lie underneath the prison. These corridors also link to the gas chamber, many mechanical rooms and the tool room where the inmates stole the propane torches and other tools that were used during the riots. Uneasy feelings and whispers are often reported down there as well as strange human shaped shadows.

An unusual phenomenon has also been reported by corrections officers and national guardsmen who use the facility for training. The commonly reported things are the human-shaped shadows and the “burning flesh” smell.


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