Foster’s Hotel, Chama, NM (Paranormal claims)

The closed-off second story of the old hotel contains three areas believed to be haunted. The first is located on the southwest corner of the building.

In the late 1800s, a woman was elected as the local judge. However, several men of the town did not like the idea of a woman becoming a judge. They resolved the situation by sneaking into her hotel room and adding poison to a pitcher of water. She was found dead in the morning.

It has been reported that the sound of a woman choking and gasping for breath can be heard in the empty room. This is often accompanied by cold spots or a cold “gust of wind” in the room.

Across the hall is yet another room with a ghostly inhabitant who has refused to check out. Staff at the hotel believe that it is the ghost of a small girl who died of an illness there over a hundred years ago. The sound of her crying and calls can be heard from the room, often having the late-night staff in the bar below suspecting that children have broken into the building. However, a quick search of the second floor reveals that the building is secure, and no one is present in the area. No one alive, at least.

The third room of the old section of the hotel that has a haunted reputation is located a few rooms back on the south side. Rumor has it that this room is haunted by the ghost of a cowboy from the town’s railroad days. He is unidentified, but his footsteps are often heard walking around on the second floor by the late-night staff working on the floor below.

The newer section of the hotel has its share of hauntings as well. A previous tenant of room 21 insisted that someone had a key to his room. He would often see a dark figure moving about his room, often as the figure was walking towards the door. The figure would mysteriously disappear when the tenant investigated further.

People staying in Room 25 often report Hot and Cold spots. The areas of heat and cold are highly concentrated and move swiftly about the room for several minutes.

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