404 Charlevoix, Old Town Albuquerque (Alternative Explanations)

On occasion the sounds of the voices are preceded by the uneasy feeling that you are being watched. Sudden “breezes” of cold air have also been experienced near the counter.

I was able to replicate the breezes of air. The phenomenon occurs as a result of the air flow through the building when the air conditioning is turned on when the exhaust fan is running. The disembodied voices were eventually isolated using sound mapping. Recorders were placed around the building and later the decibel levels were analyzed to determine the proximity of the source of the sounds. They were determined to be coming from the adjoining buildings and sounds coming from the street.

Lights turn on and off, apparently by themselves, throughout the entire location.

The condition of the wiring may also be the cause of the lights going on and off. The electrical demands of the cafĂ© may often exceed that of the breakers in the electrical box causing them to trip or possibly not receiving enough voltage to properly function them. It was also noticed that the light in the men’s bathroom flickered whenever the cappuccino machine was operating. An inspection of the circuit breaker box revealed several breakers to be double tapped. One of the double tapped wires had become loose. Loose conductors can lead to overheating; arcing and cause the momentary power issues that were reported to occur in the building.




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