404 Charlevoix, Old Town Albuquerque (Paranormal Claims)

There are various rumors about the ghost that haunts this café. Some believe that it is a long passed Native American who still moves about the grounds, but the most popular theory is that it is a Spanish Soldier who once occupied the fort. The witnesses of the phenomena range from the establishment’s employees, customers and even the musicians that have played there late into
the evening. Disembodied voices have been heard coming from the kitchen and storage areas. The voices sound like they are speaking Spanish, but are mumbled enough so that it is difficult to clearly understand what is being said. Many believe that the ghost is speaking an archaic form of Spanish and that is why it is so difficult to understand. Employees at the coffee house have often searched for the source of the voices, believing that a customer had somehow managed to find his way behind the counter. A thorough search of the area always generates the same results, the kitchen and storage rooms are completely empty. No one is there.

On occasion the sounds of the voices are preceded by the uneasy feeling that you are being watched. Sudden “breezes” of cold air have also been experienced near the counter. Other unusual occurrences seem to be electrical in nature. The door to the power box located near the front door flies open with force on occasion. No logical explanation can be found as to why the electrical box door would violently fly open on its own accord. Often when this occurs, the heating is turned on. Lights turn on and off, apparently by themselves, throughout the entire location.

One of the coffee houses’ regulars believes that she can feel a heavy presence, like static electricity, when the spirit enters the room. She describes herself as a “sensitive” and believes that the ghost of Spanish soldier is still following his orders even in death. He continues patrolling the grounds, guarding the building from danger and anything he might perceive as a threat.

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