The Inn at Castlerock, Bisbee AZ

A brief video tour of the Inn at Castlerock in Bisbee, AZ. along with some of the ghost stories told about this historic place. The building, set up to be a Bed and Breakfast, is located in a prime position on Tombstone Canyon, making it a short walk to the heart of historic Old Bisbee. Guests can take in the sights, peruse the local shops or patronize the many restaurants & bars.

Built in the 1890’s the Inn offers travelers a unique experience of staying in a very historic building with a lot of history to it and the surrounding area.

Over the years there have been many stories told about strange happenings at The Inn at Castle Rock. One story from the early 1900’s is of a soldier cleaning his rifle on the front verandah when it went off accidentally, fatally shooting a woman walking up the other side of the road. It is said that she still searches the Inn looking for the reason. The shooting is documented in local news of the time. When Chris purchased the Inn, he made a journal available for guests to write about their unique experiences. This book is at the entrance to the Inn for all to read, and contribute to.

Check out their website for more info!

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