The Ghost Town of Valverde

Although most people associated Valverde with the battlefield of the same name, it was also a town that once existed fifteen miles south of San Antonio, New Mexico. What makes it so interesting is that there is so little written about it.

The cemetery at Valverde

The spot where the town is located was once a crossing point on the Rio Grande that was used by Apaches and Navajos to forge across the river. It was settled sometime around 1820 by the Spaniards but was eventually doomed by a flood in 1937. After the threat of attacks from the Natives subsided, it became a farming and ranching village. Today there is not a lot left. The cemetery, foundations of the school and a wall of the old church is all that remain.

Remains of the church. Photo credits: Socorro Historical Society
Foundation of the school. Photo credits: Socorro Historical Society

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