Tesla Art and a teaser from Chapter Two. (Warning! mild nudity)

This week I giving a small teaser from my book and some new artwork of Tesla. However, this one is a little more risque, but I loved the pose and details. This is from Chapter Two: 

“I thought you might like this one. It’s a love spell,” she said as she leaned towards Tesla. She flashed a fake smile. It was mischievous as if she was up to something.

Tesla gave Charlotte a look that was a cross between uncertainty and bewilderment. “Love spells? Such a thing really exists?” she leaned back into the chair and tried to hide her skepticism.

“Listen to this,” Charlotte said as she gave Tesla a quick wink. She picked the journal up off the table and read;

cody-polston-nude2“Diana, beautiful Diana!

Who are indeed as good as beautiful,

By all the worship I have given thee,

And all the joy of love which thou hast known,

I do implore thee aid me in my love!

What thou wilt ’tis true

Thou canst ever do:

And if the grace I seek thou’lt grant to me,

Then call, I pray, thy daughter Aradia,

And send her to the bedside of a man,

And give that man the likeness of a dog,

And make him then come to me in my room,

But when he once has entered it, I pray,

That he may reassume his human form,

As handsome as he was before,

And may I then make love to him until

Our souls with joy are fully satisfied.

Then by the aid of the great Fairy Queen,

And of her daughter, fair Aradia,

May he be turned into a dog again,

And then to human form as once before!”

Tesla laughed. “That is not a love spell! It is more of a sex spell!” She eased back into her chair and looked at Charlotte. “Why use the form of a dog?  I would think that Diana would use something like a cat or a bird.”

Charlotte rubbed her chin as if she was thinking hard about her answer. “I guess because the stories say that Diana always has a dog by her side.” She giggled and leaned forward towards Tesla. “We could turn Victor into a dog and send him over to your house,” she whispered with a devilish grin.

Tesla laughed so hard that she snorted a little. The sound was more than enough to cause Charlotte to join in the laughter. She moved towards Tesla and started poking her sides with her fingers.

“Woof, woof,” Charlotte barked, trying to imitate the bark of a dog. Tesla squirmed, trying to get away from her friend’s tickling fingers.

Suddenly a loud noise echoed through the café.


Across the room, a crotchety old man slammed his cane against the floor while giving the girls a look of disdain. Several of the other customers were also staring at them. Embarrassed, both picked up their mugs and pretended to be drinking from them, anxious for the sudden attention to vanish. They avoided making eye contact in fear that the laughter could start again. Thirty seconds of silence seemed like five minutes.

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