Our Lady Of Guadalupe Chapel, Old Town Albuquerque (Paranormal Claims)

This peaceful little chapel tucked away in Albuquerque’s historic Old Town is said to be haunted by a weeping woman dressed in black who is seen sitting on the benches inside the chapel just before she suddenly vanishes. It is believed that she may be mourning the crash of TWA flight 206 which went down in the nearby Sandia Mountains in 1955 killing everyone on board. She has been sighted on the anniversary of this disaster. It is also believed that the woman in black can be sighted within the chapel in times of tragedy- a fatal crash on the interstate or some other type of catastrophe.

Julie’s Account
I once visited the small chapel in old town late one evening to say a prayer for my brother, who was ill. As I walked into the candle lit entrance, I heard a woman softly crying. Her voice was coming from somewhere near the altar which at that time was shrouded in darkness. I strained my eyes and could barely make out the figure of a woman wearing a mourning dress. I then turned my attention to my own business. I kneeled at the shrine for our Lady of Guadalupe and said my prayer. However when I opened my eyes and stood up, I noticed that the woman was gone. The only way out was directly behind me and I am certain that I heard no one pass.

This mysterious figure has often been seen seated on the far right bench of the chapel, weeping profusely for some unknown tragic loss. The ghost is dressed in a long black dress, her face concealed by a dark veil. She is often mistaken for a real person, and sometimes ignored, until she mysteriously vanishes.

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The Lady in Black is said to haunt the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Old Town. Blake says she may well be the scariest ghost in Albuquerque. She appears in the chapel from nowhere and sits on a bench, dressed all in black. She prays and meditates; sometimes she sobs. Paranormal investigators have possible audio and photographic evidence–with EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) and orbs respectively–of the Lady in Black’s ethereal presence.

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