New Mexico State Penitentiary (Old Main)

Santa Fe, NM

If there was ever a haunted prison in the United States, the New Mexico State Penitentiary has the potential to be a hotbed of supernatural activity for obvious reasons. Violence, death and the unfinished stories of the inmates that were killed make for a location that is believed by many to be the most haunted site in the land of enchantment.

New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (My Opinion)

So here we have a great example of when the conclusions of the Southwest Ghost Hunter's Association and myself differ. The central argument is …

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Old Main Haunting (KOAT Video)

Almost two decades after the deadly prison riots, could old souls still be doing time?

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New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (More Witness Accounts and Ghost Stories)

One of the popular ghost stories that have come out of the prison involves a member of one of the film crews who reported seeing the dark-garbed …

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New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (Investigations Summary of 2005)

We visited the prison several times in October of 2005, mostly to familiarize ourselves with the facility as we were going to be the first ones to …

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94 Rock's visit to the New Mexico State Pen

In 2002 94 Rock and the Southwest Ghost Hunters went to the old NM State prison to look for ghosts. This video contains the recorded segments that …

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New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (Personal Experiences)

From 2002 to 2010 I have been involved with eight investigations of the old prison outside of Santa Fe. One important thing to understand about all …

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New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (Paranormal Claims)

The areas of the prison where the most unusual phenomena are reported are Cell Blocks 3, 4, the tool room and the laundry room. Cell Block 3 was …

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New Mexico State Penitentiary, Santa Fe, NM (History)

Opened in 1885, the New Mexico Penitentiary had been authorized by Congress since 1853. The design was based on the same plans used for Sing Sing …

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Read more about my investigations at the State Pen to understand why I do not think it is haunted in my book "New Mexico's Most Haunted: Exposed."

For decades ghostly tales have been told across the land of enchantment. New Mexico's macabre past has created its share of phantoms. From by-gone gunfighters and wealthy socialites to murdered prostitutes and children, their tragic lives have left an imprint in time and legend. For 20 years ghost investigator Cody Polston has searched New Mexico's famous haunted locations for evidence of the supernatural. Now, for the first time, the complete findings of all of his investigations are revealed. The ghost stories and history of New Mexico's most haunted places are fascinating, but are they really haunted by ghosts?