Luna Mansion

Los Lunas, NM

The ghost of Josefita Ortero, former resident of the mansion is said to haunt it along with two other ghosts. Full body apparitions and numerous sightings appear to make up the bulk of the ghostly occurrences but some say Josefita also likes to sit and rock in an old rocking chair on the second floor.

Luna Mansion, Los Lunas, NM (Ghost Stories, Videos)

A couple of videos of the Luna Mansion where employees describe their experiences with the ghost of the mansion. The second video …

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Eerie Enchantment: The Luna Mansion ghost story

KOB4's Eerie Enchantment series covers some of New Mexico's well-known "haunted" locations. In this story, Hawker Vanguard explores the Luna Mansion…

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Luna Mansion (NM True TV)

It is now a popular Los Lunas restaurant. But the True Crew discovers it serves up much more than a fine meal. The heritage and the culture that …

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Haunted Luna Mansion in Los Lunas

Byron Morton visits the haunted Luna Mansion in Los Lunas along with Cody Polston.

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Luna Mansion, Los Lunas, NM (History, Part 2)

Josefita Otero dies on October 19th, 1951. But dies in San Diego CA.   Josefita Manderfield (1874-1951) was the daughter of William …

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Luna Mansion, Los Lunas, NM (Ghost Stories)

Interview with David Scoville (manager) I came to work at the Luna Mansion in 1979 and worked as a kitchen manager until 1983. After that, I left …

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Luna Mansion, Los Lunas, NM (History)

The home of members of the politically powerful Luna family, the Tranquilino Luna House was constructed in the early 1880's. This house is probably …

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Workers Say Ghost Shares Luna Mansion

On slow nights at the Luna Mansion it is said Josefita Otero swirls proudly through the grand house she loved and made so charmingly beautiful. …

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