Los Luceros, what is there and how to get there.

Los Luceros is located north of Española off NM 68 in Rio Arriba County. An historic marker along the highway at the intersection of NM 68 and Los Luceros (County Route 48) is all that indicates this special property to passers-by. Turning left from the highway, drivers travel down a narrow residential road with small houses and mobile homes on both sides. At the end of the road is Los Luceros with a gate that restricts access.

Once on the property, drivers travel a short way before they cross the Acequia del Alcalde, the mother ditch that feeds the Española Valley with irrigation water. The road travels through large orchards and leads to the first developed area of the property, which contains the Visitors’ Center, caretaker’s house, office, multipurpose screening room, commercial kitchen, and ADA compliant restrooms. A plazuela is located between the older (Visitors’ Center, caretaker’s house, office) and newer structures (multi-purpose screening room, ADA restrooms, commercial
kitchen). The newer structures were built in 2010 using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds. A 43-space parking lot is available for visitors. Two barns are located to the west of the Visitors’ Center within a fenced area. Lateral ditches run throughout the orchards and pasture land.

Between the Visitors’ Center and the barns is a dirt road that leads north to the second developed area of Los Luceros, which is the Historic District containing six structures including:

• Chabot House – built in 1900 and remodeled in 1983
• Wheelwright House – built in 1712 and underwent a series of remodels and restorations in 1850, 1923, and 2003
• Garage on the east side of the garden area – built in 1852
• Luceros House – built in 1892 and remodeled in 1982
• Chapel – year built unknown

To the northwest of the Wheelwright House is a path that leads to a garden area, which is bookended by the garage and garden storage buildings. Adjacent to this area to the south is pastureland and beyond is a large orchard area. A protected viewshed is located in the northwest area of the property leading from the Wheelwright House and garden area towards the Rio Grande.
To the northeast of the Wheelwright House is the chapel. It is not located on the Los Luceros property, but is a prominent feature. The chapel is owned by the Archidiocese of Santa Fe.
To the west of this area is a dirt road that leads to the River House, which stands by itself along the Rio Grande. The River House was built in 1992. It is buffered by a large grove of trees on the north, south, and east.
There are four main irrigation areas currently on the property. They are located on both sides of the roadway leading to the visitors’ center, an area to the north of the Wheelwright House, and an area located to the northwest of the Wheelwright House. There are five 14” gates on the Acequia del Alcalde. Lateral ditches carry irrigation water through these four areas.

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