Kuhn Hotel, Belen, NM (Paranormal Claims)

Current owner, Joan Artiaga, reports the presence of at least four spirits inhabiting the property. One is just a misty cloud appearing at the top of the stairs but another has appeared as a full bodied apparition on multiple occasions. The spirit, whom Joan refers to as Henry, is reported to be well dressed and cheerful and strongly resembles a man seen in an old photograph of people at the hotel.

Henry seems to appreciate Joan’s efforts to take care of the property and has been known to leave her gifts such as coins as jewelry. A particularly notable occurrence of paranormal activity involves the Belen Police Department.┬áThe police have responded to reports of intruders in the early morning hours in the past. One morning police officers responded to a call and searched the building. They drew their guns, thinking that they had cornered the intruder upstairs on the balcony. But somehow the man got away. When Joan showed them the picture of Henry in her old photo, the officers confirmed that he was the man who had mysteriously disappeared when they pursued him onto the balcony.






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