The history of the Albuquerque Press Club

The Whittlesey House was designed by architect Charles Whittlesey and built on his family’s property in 1903 on the western edge of Albuquerque’s Highlands. It is a three-story frame structure that was designed after a Norwegian villa. Low pitch roofs with exposed log fronting, rough logcut façades and a wide porch surrounding its eastern rooms … Read moreThe history of the Albuquerque Press Club

Albuquerque Press Club (Paranormal Claims)

These are the general claims of ghostly activity that is reported at the Press Club. The vast majority of reported phenomena are auditory in nature. The sound of high heeled shoes has been heard by several witnesses walking across the floors of the bar and lobby area. Noises have also been associated with the poll … Read moreAlbuquerque Press Club (Paranormal Claims)