Casa de Fiesta Restaurant, Old Town Albuquerque (History)

*Update 2019: This location is now called Mercando Plaza Gifts.

This historic house is thought to have been built in 1840 by the Zamora family. Originally the exterior was done to look like brick; the more modern work was completed by Florencio L. Chavez after World War 2. At the time of its construction, all of the present day amenities were included. A small basement contains a boiler and small trenches were dug to accommodate piping and
ventilation ducting.

During the Civil war, the building was used to house some of the Confederate soldiers that remained in Albuquerque during Sibley’s march to the north. Historically, the site has also been used as a butcher shop, jewelry store, a general store and eventually as a restaurant. Before the construction of the house, members of the Armijo family had a house constructed near the same location.

The location in the 1950s.


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