Bernalillo County Courthouse, Albuquerque, NM (Paranormal Claims)

In 2003 the Community Service group was cleaning out the old courthouse downtown. In the basement rooms, they’ve been collectively witnessing strange things. A worker reported seeing a little girl standing in one of the dark halls. She was a blonde with braids, wearing a school uniform. When the witness smiled at the little girl, she vanished.
A cold spot in another hall was experienced by the lead-man himself. He was unable to find a vent or source to explain it. All of the JDC “clients” that were doing the CS work were taking a break in one of the rooms, and an old law book circa the 1920s went skittering down the hall. It came to a stop in the cold zone. Nobody’s been willing to touch it.
Two people reportedly died in the building – both of heart attacks. A Sheriff at his desk in the basement and another man on an upper floor. Reportedly employees have tried doing little ‘tests’ – placing objects in certain places and placing a dry eraser on a doorknob, etc., and then returning to find these objects moved.

Other things that have been exercised are cold spots, hot spots, lights being turned off, doors being closed and locked when a key is required and boxes that were taped closed being opened and contents strewn about.

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