Valhalla Collection Thor Whisky

Thor 16 Year Old Single Malt Whisky

Are you still searching for that perfect whisky? Or maybe you’re just looking to add to your fine collection of specialty alcohols? Either way, this Valhalla Collection Thor Whisky needs to be on your list. From Highland Park, this single malt scotch whiskey is the first of four in the Valhalla Collection, all of which will take inspiration from the legendary Nordic Gods.

Aged 16 years and housed in a unique wooden frame echoing the fearsome contours of a traditional Viking long ship, this  52.1% ABV Whisky as bold Thor himself.

  • Appearance: Rich amber, with an iron ore glow
  • Nose: Concentrated and forceful, with an explosion of aromatic smoke, pungent fresh ginger, antique copper, stewed plums, and golden syrup. With water, earthy notes emerge, like a garden after a heavy rain shower.
  • Palate: Thor’s high strength grabs the palate and refuses to let go. Initially dry, with fiery gingerbread then vanilla, blackberries, fresh mango, peach and hints of cinnamon. As its big flavors swirl around the mouth, some softer, sweeter notes develop, giving Thor and unexpected layer of complexity and depth.
  • Finish: The finish thunders on, leaving behind lingering notes of sweet vanilla and an intense spiciness.

With only 1,500 bottles being released in the United States, you’re going to want to make sure that you get your hands on the Valhalla Collection Thor Whisky while you can. Available at for $245 (US purchases) and at for £120 (UK purchases).

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