Talking fact and fiction with a ghost hunter, an interview with Cody Polston

Cody Polston has been a ghost hunter for 25 years and is the president of the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association. For more information on the organization, go to their website.

What is your favorite ghost story and why?

My favorite ghost story is Sandee Saunders. She was an amateur country artist with big red hair. She had one big hit called “Mornin’ Kind of Feelin.” So she did her bit and once, she was driving back to Hatch, where she was from, and—you know where I-25 crosses the river—well, she fell asleep at the wheel and her car wrecked. When it crashed, the windshield popped down and decapitated her! Her head was never found. The ghost story is that if you’re driving on that part of 25, the song comes on the radio and if you look in the [rearview] mirror you’ll see her decapitated head in the back seat. It’s neat because it’s an actual person and it’s local.

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