Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NM (Ghost Photo Explained)

With the majority of the witness’s claims addressed, the final thing was to analyze the ghost photographs that are kept at the hotel. Deanna, a young woman who was manning the hotel front desk, showed me a photograph that was kept behind the desk. This is the photograph that is often shown to inquiring guests. The black and white version is on the hotel’s website, but the original was in full color. Photographic analysis of this photo shows that the picture is a double exposure. The trained eye can see the additional remnants of the double exposure on the right side of the table (shadowing) and also on the lower section of the tablecloth. The areas around the windows are also over-exposed. Additionally, the person at the table bears no resemblance to Byron T Mills.

A photograph that was taken of the ghost photo that is shown to guests and was displayed on the Plaza’s website at one time.
The color photograph that was changed into a black and white image. The photo now sits in a frame on the table in the image which is located next to room 310

Another photograph, which was taken by a cell phone, is also claimed to be of the ghost. It was taken by an employee for a mother and daughter who were seated in the hotel’s lobby near the main entrance. It shows a faint, dark impression of a man standing behind the mother and daughter who were seated on a couch in front of the large windows that comprise the hotel’s entrance.

However, the “man” standing behind the chair was merely the photographer reflected in the glass window behind the chair. You can even make out the right arm of the figure holding the cell phone out and away from the body to take the picture.

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