Maria Teresa Restaurant, personal experience

The strangest experience that I ever had at the Maria Teresa restaurant occurred in August of 2000. I was doing an investigation to capture the location on video for a series of television shows for Channel 27, public access, in Albuquerque called A Ghostly Presence.

I met with the film crew in the Baca room where we ate lunch and discussed ideas for the project. The Baca Room itself had several suspect readings that registered on the EMF detector. Several waitresses told us that silverware and plates were mysteriously moved around overnight after they had been carefully placed the night before.
They also spoke of several cold spots that moved about this particular area. The room was searched thoroughly for any natural explanation of the EMF fields, but nothing conclusive could be proven either way. The origins of the EMF fields in this area are still quite a mystery. We decided to begin in investigation in the Armijo room.
This investigation was quite different from ones performed in the past, as we also had a psychic, Sarah Chaplin, who would be assisting us in locating any spirits. Upon the request of Channel 27, she was to hold an impromptu séance in the Armijo room itself.
Upon entering the Armijo room, I immediately picked up an odd EM field near the antique piano in the corner of the room and attempted to determine if the fields were of any natural origin. I could not locate any possible explanation that would cause this steady field. I backed up near the door leading into the Baca room and took a single photograph. The results are most interesting, as it is the only “phenomenon” that was captured on the entire role of film. For the séance, all of the drapes of the windows were drawn to make the room as darkest possible so he could capture any possible activity with the infrared camera. The producer of the television show also witnessed an interesting occurrence after the séance was finished.

She noticed that the sheet music on the piano was changed to a different page and was moved off center from its original location. The room was monitored the entire time, and no one recalled handling the sheet music itself. However, the strangest of all events happened three days after the film shoot. The manager came into the restaurant that morning only to discover that all of the plates and silverware on the table in the Armijo room had been pushed up into one large pile in the center of the table. The “Do Not Touch” sign that normally sits on top of the piano had also been moved and had been placed on top of the pile of dishes. If that was not enough, the chairs in the adjoining room, the Sarachino room, had been stacked on top of each other and moved in front the passage connecting the two rooms, forming a physical barrier.
During investigations here SGHA has witnessed the silverware moving in the Armijo Room, and recorded other abnormalities.

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