Manual Springer House, basic ghost story

The Manuel Springer House is a historical two-story brick Queen Anne-style building that now houses the Covered Wagon and several other shops in the Old Town Plaza of Albuquerque. the historical house is now mostly covered by the Covered Wagon Shop front.

Rumors and folklore claim that the building was once used as a speakeasy and brothel during prohibition. Additionally, the building is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a prostitute named Scarlett. According to the legend, Scarlett and another unnamed prostitute got into an argument over a wealthy client on the stairs of the building. The argument turned violent and ended with Scarlett being stabbed in the stomach. She died on the stairs from blood loss before medical assistance could arrive. Because the building was a speakeasy, the local law enforcement was paid off and murder was believed to be covered up. This is why she supposedly haunts the building.


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