Green Chile Lager, Tommyknocker Brewery

I enjoy Chile and beer, and I have had very good Chile beers so I thought that I would give this one a try. Here is how I rate it.

20220226_094556B – Boldness: Clean grains, light malt sweetness, with a hint of Anaheim Chile pepper that give a very lite heat at the end. After a few drinks the pepper faded out and the lager taste pulled through more.

A – Appearance: Clear golden body, white head that recedes to a wisp and a thin collar. Little or no lacing.

D – Drinkability: Drink it cold. Not good at room temp.

A – alcohol content: 5.3%

S – smell: The aroma initially, is very pungent with Anaheim Chile but after a few minutes of being poured it becomes a little less visceral.

S – Style: Chile Beer

Overall, I would give it a five out of ten. I enjoyed it once my mouth adjusted to the flavor, but the first few drinks are quite different. The “Chile” flavor is a gimmick at best as it is not only very lightly perceivable, but there is also very little heat, leaving it with an extra flavor that doesn’t fit well.

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