El Rancho Hotel, Gallup, NM (Paranormal Claims)

Disembodied footsteps and laughter have been reported on the upper floor of the lobby after hours. Objects have been reported to have been moved about throughout various hotel locations by unseen hands. The bridal suite has reported the mysterious opening and closing of doors. A hotel housekeeper once walked in and was terrified to see the dirty clothes on the bed actually begin to manifest a shape as if an invisible presence was wearing them!

Once such story was printed in the Salt Lake Tribune It reads;

Lindsay Mapes came to Gallup as an America Corps volunteer and needed to find inexpensive housing, not an easy task. So she stayed in a room at the historic El Morro Theater in the heart of downtown, not realizing its notoriety of being haunted.

Mapes, now events and promotions coordinator for the Gallup Chamber of Commerce, never saw the ghost of a little girl said to wander around the theater holding a red balloon. But, with her room near the balcony, she did have an encounter with the theater’s other ghost — an usher.

One night, while she was alone in the theater, Mapes heard a pounding sound. When she went to investigate, she saw the outline of the usher behind the screen of the theater. She moved two weeks later.

That new place was the historic El Rancho Hotel. It too is said to be haunted, this time by a woman in a white dress wandering the halls of that venerable Gallup establishment. Mapes never encountered the ghost.


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