Double Eagle Restaurant

Mesilla, NM

Haunted by, not one, but two ghosts! As strange things happened, investigations were launched. Like the game in which a story is whispered down a line of people, changing at each retelling, there are wild and interesting stories about Armando and Inez, the ghostly lovers. 

Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla, NM (Witness Accounts)

April, 2002 Danny Villalpondo was finishing setting tables in the Maximillian Room about 11:30 PM. He and manager, Jerry Harrell, were finishing …

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Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla, NM (Revised Ghost Story)

he adobe home in which the Double Eagle restaurant is located was built during the boom time for Mesilla in the 1840's and is acknowledged as the …

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Double Eagle of Mesilla Ghost Story (NM True Video)

The Double Eagle is famed for its food, but maybe just as famous for a ghostly side dish. The restaurant was once a home, and home to the tragic …

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Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla, NM (Issues with the ghost story)

The basic back story goes like this; In the 1850s, the restaurant was the home of a wealthy Mexican family named Maese. One day the family hired a …

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Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla, NM (Ghost Stories)

The spirits of two tragic teenage lovers complement the menu in this restaurant in Old Mesilla. They were stabbed to death with sewing shears, and …

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Double Eagle Restaurant, Mesilla NM (Paranormal Claims)

The Double Eagle restaurant is set in an 1840's mansion, the plaza's oldest building. The colossal adobe resembles a series of treasure-filled …

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