Dead Reckoning (TV Pilot) and RCR Productions

Have you ever wondered if the ghost shows on television will ever get serious and actually try to do something more tangible? Well that was the hope when I was approached by RCR Productions to do something a little different. How about a group that brings in actual scientists and skeptics so that the mystery is fully analyzed from all perspectives?

With that concept in mind, RCR Productions located the right people and we shot the pilot episode. However the response from the networks was not very well received. If I recall correctly their response was “Where are the screaming kids?”  So much for doing something honestly and perhaps a little educational.

Anyway, this was the the pitch.

Rebel ghost hunters, searching for proof of the hereafter, apply a mix of science, high tech gadgets, and rock ’n’ roll. Join in as they leave no “headstone” unturned. Something brushes your face, but nothing is there. A door slams but there is no breeze. Chills move up and down your spine when you feel the realm of the paranormal fill your presence. Does that mean that ghosts do exist?

Cody Polston is the founder / leader of the Southwest Ghost Hunters Association, a band of rogue ghost hunters with attitude and a heavy metal beat. Known as the original “Ghost Huntin’ Bad Ass,” Cody is on a personal quest to answer how and why ghosts exist. Armed with the scientific method, the latest technology, and a haunted hearse called “Grace,” Cody searches legendary sites to gather real evidence of an actual haunting. He and his assembled team of believers and skeptics investigate claims of the unexplained … leaving no “headstone” unturned. With 20 plus years experience and a highly regarded reputation, Cody researches the theoretical science of the paranormal with assistance from today’s top experts and access to haunted locations that have never been explored. And in the end, he breaks down what is simply folklore… and what is hard scientific evidence of the beyond.
From : dead_reckoning

It is a shame that it never came to fruition. It was fun to watch and informative at the same time. I believe that it would have dramatically changed the hobby as it exists today. I only have a small amount of footage from this venture and I posted some of it below.

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