Church Street Cafe, Albuquerque, NM (Personal Experiences)

During an investigation at the café, two of SGHA’s team members and two reporters from the Lobo Daily, both skeptics, heard knocking coming from the adjoining room while conducting an interview in the lobby. It was described as loud knocks, in series of four, which seemed to be coming from the southwest dining room. An infrared camera was set up in the adjoining room, but it did not capture the sound of the knocks.

However, the camera clearly captured the conversation going on in the lobby. It was also positioned that if anyone entered the room, they would have to pass by the people in the lobby and sneak around the camera to prevent being caught on film. No one was recorded entering the room, and the investigators checked the room after they heard the knocking. The area outside of the café was also promptly checked. The “knocking” cannot be accounted for.


During the spring of 2004, the Travel Channel was filming at the café for their series called “Weird Travels”. Bob Carter, and I were interviewed for the show at a local hotel. Afterwards we decided to eat at the Church Street café because we knew that the ghost stories were being filmed there and we wanted to check it out. We were seated in the lavish back patio and promptly ordered our food.

On the other end of the patio, several actors were rehearsing the “fight” scene between Sarah and her lover. They had a knife prop and practiced the scene briefly before filming it.

At this time Bob started to become disgruntled. His Dr. Pepper was empty and the waiter had yet to return to our table. So, grabbing the empty glass, Bob decided to go look for him inside the café. He was gone for less than a minute when suddenly he came running out of the building and back to our table.

“Do we have any equipment with us?” he yelled at me, referring to the equipment that we use in ghost hunting.

“I think we have a kit in the car”, I replied.

“Then go get it! Stuff is going on inside!”

He turned and ran back into the café with me on his heels. When I entered the café I immediately noticed that several of the afternoon customers were standing, with their backs against the wall. Silverware covered the floor, as if someone had swatted them off of the tables in that rear dining room.

After talking to the customers, a few of the staff and a very irate Travel Channel cameraman, who had just missed a good shot, I discovered what had just happened. According to the witnesses, silverware started flying off of the tables as if an invisible person was running from table to table and throwing the forks and knives to the floor.

I retrieved the kit and Bob and I searched the dining room but we did not find anything unusual. We wondered why the activity would suddenly pick up like this when we recalled what scene was being filmed back in the patio.

“She doesn’t like it when that little incident is talked about.” Marie informed us when we talked to her about the “fight scene” that was filmed outside. Perhaps Sarah was showing her discontent by throwing the silverware around.

Oddly enough, the fight scene did not make it into the final cut of the show.

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