Plaza Hotel

Las Vegas, NM

Byron T. Mills, the hotel’s former owner, is believed that his to haunt Room 310 of the Plaza Hotel. A photograph of the ghost is supposedly kept behind the front desk that was taken near his room. The hotel's employees say the ghost has been known to open and close drawers or sit on the beds of female guests. Witnesses also have detected the smell of his cigar smoke.

Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NM (Ghost Photo Explained)

With the majority of the witness's claims addressed, the final thing was to analyze the ghost photographs that are kept at the hotel. Deanna, a …

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Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NM (Ghost Stories with skeptical commentary)

The Clovis News Journal publishes the first written account of the Plaza Hotel having a ghost on March 9th, 1983.    " A ghost who haunts the …

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Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NM (Analysis of the ghost story and paranormal claims)

One of the most important considerations that have to be determined is the longevity of the haunting. However, the actual history conflicts with …

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Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NM (Ghost Stories)

One of the ghosts stories of the Plaza Hotel comes in October of 1992. They were published in the New Mexican newspaper and written by T.J. …

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