Maria Teresa Restaurant

Albuquerque, NM

Numerous ghosts are rumored to haunt this old building. A busboy quit after coming across a whole  roomful of spirits in the Board Room, but  braver employees have learned to live with an apparition of a man  wearing a dark suit in the Chacon Room. Other ghosts that have been seen here include a nonexistent woman 
reflected in the mirrors of the Zamora Room and a ghostly piano player in the Armijo Room. 
The structure was built in the 1840's by  Salvador Armijo and was remodeled into a  
restaurant in 1977.  Recently, plumbers  discovered a cache of old human bones and  horse bones buried under the floorboards.

Maria Teresa Restaurant, Reported Phenomenon

Although the house has been remodeled several times, the basic house is still intact, and it appears that some of its former residents have refused …

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Maria Teresa Restaurant, personal experience

The strangest experience that I ever had at the Maria Teresa restaurant occurred in August of 2000. I was doing an investigation to capture the …

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Maria Teresa Restaurant, Location History

This homestead, built around 1783, is now the home of a romantic restaurant. The showpiece is a long bar that was moved from Fort Sumner, NM, in …

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