KiMO Theater

Albuquerque, NM

One of the most famous haunts in Albuquerque is the KiMo Theater. A young boy named Bobby Darnall  died when a boiler exploded in 1951. The cast and crews of production companies performing at the theater claim that the ghost of Bobby will pull a variety of tricks to sabotage their performances if they do not leave doughnuts or some trinket to appease him before their shows.

  It's a ghost story that has been told in numerous books and websites about haunted places. It is a tale that is regularly resurrected especially around Halloween, for newspapers, magazines, and television shows.​   

U-Rock Albuquerque, The Haunted KiMO Theater

In 2009, I was approached by Joey who wanted to scare his co-star Stevo on the Halloween episode of URock Albuquerque. I was doing a fundraiser for …

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Bobby's Shrine at the KiMO Theater

Bobby's Shrine, which lies in a lower stairwell on the west side of the theater has a sign that reads; Bobby's Shrine He was a 10-year-old boy …

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History of the KiMO Theater

Oreste Bachechi first became involved with the movies around 1919, when the Bachechi Amusement Association operated the Pastime Theatre with Joe …

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Another clue about the "haunting" of the KiMo Theater

In 2006, the Travel Channel aired episode 20 of "Weird Travels." The show has the employees of the KiMo Theater and  Albuquerque's Mayor, Martin …

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New insights to the KiMO Theater

Today the ghost of Bobby Darnall is said to haunt the KiMo theater. It is believed that Bobby is prone to playing tricks and pranks on the crew if …

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More information and photographs can be found in two of my books.

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