Valverde Battlefield

A local ranch hand who claims that he had a headless Confederate infantryman shot at him one night just before dusk. other legends claim that the battlefield is haunted by the men that died there.

Bloody Valverde (A short film about investigating the paranormal claims)

A short film about the investigation of paranormal claims at the Valverde battlefield in New Mexico by the Southwest Ghost Hunter's Association.

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The battle of Valverde, a soldier's account of the battle.

The long-expected engagement in New Mexico came off at Valverde, on the east bank of the Rio Grande, four miles above Fort Craig on Friday, February…

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Valverde Battlefield (Photos Gallery)

The battlefield itself lies in wilderness and is mostly unmarked. The first problem was locating where the events of 1861 occurred. Adding to this …

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The battle of Valverde

In the summer of 1861, Lt. Col. John R. Baylor led a small band of Texans in occupying the Mesilla Valley in southern New Mexico when a much larger …

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The battle of Valverde, finding the battlefield

The geography of the Valverde battlefield has changed drastically over the decades due to floods and the river changing course several times. These …

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