The Lodge at Cloudcroft

Cloudcroft, NM

Rebecca, a strikingly beautiful chambermaid with red hair, was murdered when her jealousy-stricken lumberjack boyfriend found her in the arms of another man. Today, The Lodge's "friendly" though mischievous, ghost has been said to wander the halls: moving furniture, flicking lights on and off, and spontaneously igniting fires in fireplaces. 

The new Lodge at Cloudcroft opened on June 1, 1911. The railroad commissioned a Chicago architectural firm design the new Lodge. The central building was designed with a tower element that was flanked by two lower sections of different size but equal mass. This part of the building was designed to contain the two-story lobby,  a two story dining room, and kitchen facilities. The offices of the resident manager were located off of the mezzanine.  

The Lodge at Cloudcroft, the ghost of Rebecca Potter

The legend of the ghost that haunts the Lodge at Cloudcroft.  

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The Lodge at Cloudcroft, History

The announcement of the construction of a new lodge was published in the Alamogordo News on February 17th, 1910. It read; "Cloudcroft, the …

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The Lodge

The Lodge at Cloudcroft, my opinions

The legend of Rebecca is built upon a foundation that is no more solid than the apparition that supposedly haunts the hotel. The biggest problem is …

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Changes to Rebecca's ghost story. (The Lodge at Cloudcroft)

Sometimes realistic events can also shape and change legends. A good example of this is the story of Rebecca. As one researches the various ghost …

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the Lodge at Cloudcroft

The Lodge at Cloudcroft, looking for answers

In the beginning, the ghost stories of Rebecca were not told outside of the Lodge because previous owners believed that having a ghost would be bad …

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Rebecca’s riddle; Is she just a ‘presence’ or was she real?

10/30/1984 By David Sheppard Times staff writer CLOUDCROFT- Tales abound of the mischievous ghost that for decades has lurked about the rooms …

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SGHA event at the Lodge in Cloudcroft (2007)

This a a video of pictures that were taken during an event that I participated in at the Lodge at Cloudcroft in 2007. Chris Fleming was a speaker as…

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The Lodge at Cloudcroft, witness accounts

Having a ghostly encounter is predominantly a human experience. Therefore it is important to consider those experiences. If you want to investigate …

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Still looking for the genesis story, the Lodge at Cloudcroft

In 1993 the Alamogordo Daily News ran an article entitled" Alamogordo native reflects on past, present, and future of his 90-year life". The article…

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The Lodge at Cloudcroft, first newspaper article about the ghost.

A newspaper article that ran in 1983 about the ghost of Rebecca at the Lodge. It appears to be the first news article that mentions the ghost.

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More information and photos can be found in my book "New Mexico's Most haunted: Exposed"