Loma Parda

Once called "Sodom on the Mora", Loma Parda has a colorful history. Located just 6 miles from Fort Union full of bored to death soldiers, Loma Parda became one of those places where soldiers could go for wild nights. Saloons, gambling, dance halls and women of ill repute put Loma Parda on the map for decades. Its existence almost completely depended on soldiers and their presence in the town - so it is no surprise once Fort Union closed its operation. It is now a ghost town.

Loma Parda (Ghost Town), NM - Sin City

A nice video of the old town site. Seven miles southwest of Fort Union National Monument, the Mora River makes a U-shaped bend, encircling a few …

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Julian Baca's dance hall, casino, and cantina. Loma Parda, NM

Julian Baca's dance hall, casino, and cantina was on the west side of the main street. The 75-foot-long side facing the street was built of large …

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Loma Parda, NM (Paranormal Claims)

This entire article is from NewMexico.org and describes the basic history along with some of the paranormal claims. Now essentially a ghost town,…

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Loma Parda, NM (History)

In 1850, Lieutenant Colonel E. V. Sumner looked at the U.S. troops stationed in Santa Fe, and the temptations offered to soldiers there. He …

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