Dawson Cemetery

  Many people have reported feeling strange cold spots near certain graves on otherwise very hot days. These cold spots and other strange stories of male voices whispering words of warning and danger and moans. People also claim to see human-shaped patches of fog drifting through the area. These forms dissipate into the night air leaving no trace.  

My interview for Nick Pappas on Dawson cemetery

I was recently interviewed by Nick Pappas for his blog. Check out the story on his website below. …

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Dawson Cemetery, is it haunted?

In this memoir I talk about the history and ghost stories of Dawson cemetery in Northern New Mexico, The video is composed of footage shot in the …

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Dawson Cemetery (My opinions of the hauntings)

I was not able to locate any witnesses to the reported phenomenon. The sources of the information we used to conduct our investigation was a 3rd …

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Dawson Cemetery (History)

In 1906, the mines were purchased by the Phelps Dodge Corporation. The corporation needed to attract workers to the remote location, so they built …

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