Gorgo (1961 Full Movie)

Gorgo is a 1961 science fiction giant monster film directed by Eugène Lourié and an international co-production of the United Kingdom, the United States and Ireland. The story is about a ship’s captain and his pearl diving crew who, with other fishermen on an island and an orphaned boy, discover and capture a gigantic amphibious sea creature and take it to London for public exhibition. This results in the creature’s much larger mother invading London in search of her offspring, causing catastrophic destruction across the city.


Terror in the Haunted House (1958 Full Movie)

Terror in the Haunted House (originally titled My World Dies Screaming) is a 1958 American horror film produced by William S. Edwards and directed by Harold Daniels. The movie stars Gerald Mohr, Cathy O’Donnell, William Ching, and John Qualen. Its plot follows newlywed Sheila, who moves with her husband Philp into a rural Florida mansion which she is horrified to discover was the subject of a recurring nightmare for which she sought psychiatric care in Switzerland. The house is the key to events that have haunted her husband’s family for a generation, and Philip’s intent is to use her mind to unlock the mystery.

The Old Dark House (1932 Full Movie)

The Old Dark House is one of the first haunted house films ever made, and it works, primarily, for two reasons; the house itself and the cast of characters. Seeking shelter from a pounding rainstorm in a remote region of Wales, several travelers are admitted to a gloomy, foreboding mansion belonging to the extremely strange Femm family. Trying to make the best of it, the guests must deal with their sepulchral host, Horace Femm and his obsessive, malevolent sister Rebecca. Things get worse as the brutish manservant Morgan gets drunk, runs amuck and releases the long pent-up brother Saul, a psychotic pyromaniac who gleefully tries to destroy the residence by setting it on fire.


Zombies of Mora Tau (1957 Full Movie)

Zombies of Mora Tau (also known as The Dead That Walk) is a 1957 black-and-white zombie horror film directed by Edward L. Cahn and starring Gregg Palmer, Allison Hayes and Autumn Russel. Distributed by Columbia Pictures, it was produced by Sam Katzman. The screenplay was written by George H. Plympton and Bernard Gordon. Zombies of Mora Tau was released on a double bill with another Katzman-produced film, The Man Who Turned to Stone . A team of deep sea divers, led by wealthy American tycoon George Harrison (Ashley), attempt to salvage a fortune in diamonds from the wreckage of a ship that had sunk 60 years earlier off the coast of Africa. When the team arrives, they discover that the ship is cursed and the diamonds are protected by the ship’s undead crew, now zombies, who are forced to guard the treasure until the diamonds are destroyed or the curse is finally lifted.


Cry of the Werewolf (1944 Full Movie)

This time our movie is “Cry of the Werewolf. A Romani princess descended from Marie LaTour has the ability to change into a wolf at will, just like her late mother. When she learns that Marie LaTour’s tomb has been discovered, she decides to use her talent to kill everyone who knows the location, because it is a sacred secret that only her people are allowed to know.


Atom Age Vampire (1960 Full Movie)

A stripper is horribly disfigured in a car accident. A brilliant scientist develops a treatment that restores her beauty and falls in love with her. To preserve her appearance the doctor must give her additional treatments using glands taken from murdered women. His unexplained ability to turn into a hideous monster helps with this problem but does nothing to win her love. The doctor’s woes multiply as the police and the girl’s boyfriend begin to close in on him.


Frankenstein meets the Space Monster

When an atomic war on Mars destroys the planet’s women, it’s up to Martian Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir to travel to earth and kidnap women for new breeding stock. Landing in Puerto Rico, they shoot down a NASA space capsule manned by an android. With his electronic brain damaged, the android terrorizes the island while the Martians raid beaches and pool parties.


The Beach Girls and the Monster (1965 Full Movie)

Surfers are being brutally murdered. Is the culprit a sea monster or just one of the teens’ jealous parents? Also known as MONSTER FROM THE SURF, the score for The Beach Girls and the Monster was arranged and conducted by Chuck Sagle, and a few of the musicians assembled for the soundtrack were members of the surf band The Hustlers (who are known for their songs “Kopout,” “Inertia” and “Wailin’ Out”) from Riverside, California.


The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy (1957 Full Movie)

The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (Spanish: La Momia Azteca contra el Robot Humano) is a Mexican horror film, the third in a trilogy, directed by Rafael Portillo, starring Ramón Gay and Rosa Arenas. It blends elements of science fiction and horror. The film is the sequel to The Aztec Mummy and The Curse of the Aztec Mummy, and a large portion of it consists of an extended recap of the events from the first two films in the series. The three films were all shot in 1957, one after another without a break in the production schedule


Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (1959 Full Movie)

Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow is a 1959 film. It was a follow-up to Hot Rod Gang. American International Pictures released the film as a double feature with Diary of a High School Bride. Songs are muted because of copyright claims. The film sent up monster and dragstrip films of AIP, and has been seen as a forerunner of the Beach Party films. After being evicted from their old clubhouse, members of a Los Angeles drag racing club move into an old deserted mansion and set up shop, making it their new headquarters. For the club’s grand opening, they hold a Halloween masked ball and invite everyone to come dressed as their favorite monster. The festivities take an unexpected turn when one of the youths discovers an impostor among them: a real live monster who has been hogging all the dances with the best-looking girls.