Leave Orbs alone!

I stumbled upon this video today and it made me laugh. It does a fine job of portraying the crybabies of the paranormal. (Yes, it is a parody). Check it out.


However I think its is extremely disgusting that there ARE STILL “paranormal investigators” that think orbs are of a paranormal origin. this belief is held onto simply because without orbs they have nothing to show as “evidence”. Simply put it shows how poorly these people are at “investigating”.


About Hitman

Cody Polston is an author, historian and ghost investigator. He is the author of multiple books on history and paranormal topics. He was the host and producer of the popular podcast Ecto Radio and a writer for Ghosthunter X magazine. He is one of the founders of the Southwest Ghost Hunter's Association and has been investigating paranormal claims since 1985. In the 1990's several other ghost hunting groups gave him the moniker the "Hitman" due to his involvement in "debunking" several well known haunted locations in Texas. Although the nickname was intended to be a negative insult, Cody adopted the nickname and began using in on his podcasts and other media venues.

2 thoughts on “Leave Orbs alone!

  1. Enjoyed every bit of your forum topic.Much thanks again. Really Cool. Trufin

    • Glad you enjoyed it. More to come….

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